Hybrid laptop/tablet manufactured by Microsoft. Released October 2015. Model 1703.

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Can I replace the SSD drive? (current one is defect)

Microsoft International Warranty doesn't work if you buy from USA and want to ask for warranty in Europe.

I have the option paying almost entire device cost as custom fee and shipping, throwing to the garbage bin, or repair it.

To repair I need to open it and replace the SSD drive. Would you recommend this route? How risky is... do you know the type of SSD used?

Many thanks,


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the surface book has not got a normal ssd it is pci style ssd so don't buy the ssd before you see what you need . It can be a bit of a pain to get into but if it comes down to chucking it or repairing it give, it a try

Microsoft Surface Book Teardown

this teardown guide may be helpful and good luck . Hope this helps

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Yep, actually I replace the SSD in my Pro 3 i believe it's the similar way on Surface Book

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Is it possible to use a hairdryer instead of the "iOpener"?

If yes, what would be the precautions to take on?


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Possible, but suboptimal. The glue is strong and your hairdryer probably won't get hot enough, A Heat Gun available at a local hardware shop would be better, but be careful, you don't want to damage the screen through over heating that might damage the panel or too much uneven heat making the glass vulnerable to cracking. Take care to apply heat evenly and have many guitar picks and suction cups ready.


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I also want to replace the ssd and would like to know, if you really have to take out the Mainboard to access the ssd.

In the video they do it in that order but the metal shelf is visible as soon as you remove the screen…

Greetings from Germany :-)

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