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A Bluetooth speaker for mobile devices and tablets that can make phone calls for the paired device . Released in Fall 2014.

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What is this loose part that broke off from the circuit board?

Block Image

Its a cube, about 10mm tall, 14mm across and has the number 100 stamped on the top.

It was soldered to the board on the upper right side behind the right speaker.

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post an image of your part with your question. Adding images to an existing question


I had the same thing falling off of my JBL Flip 2. A 6R8 module here. After ordering a new module and soldering it, the thing still doesn't work.


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It is, or rather was ;) , a 10uH inductor. Parts such as these are used in switch mode DC/DC converters, and switch mode audio amplifiers.

Its ferrite shell has cracked, which means that the component can no longer be used and must be replaced.

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Thanks a ton!

I found a part that fits the description you gave and looks very similar to the part I have, but it is cylindrical instead of a cube.

Do you think that will be an issue?


Hard to tell. Inductors can be rather fussy components to replace.

Can you post a link to a description of the part you found?


Inductors of this type are suitable, but you'd need one with a bit higher current rating. This one's close:

or maybe this one:


Hi, mine is not cracked but it is just loose on one side. I put there some kind of hard foam to keep it placed on the motherboard - i am not a tech guy so my question is that it just needs to be connected back (not to be loose) ? can somebody post picture or a manual how to do that or should i take it service.

Right now it is working but i do not know untill when the foam will give enough pressure for the part to be on the mobo.

Thank you very much.

Best regards



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I didn't solder the inductor but used what I had, which was RTV silicone; I also wrapped 3 small pieces of foamcore board in electrical tape to hold down the inductor. Very crude, but it's working and I hope that in 24hours, the silicone will have hardened.

Will follow up if it works, if not, back to square one!

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We removed the unit (inductor) and epoxied it off the board then soldered a coated wire from the circuit board connections to each of the units two connectors. In this way, we created a solid electrical connection and physical mounting.

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For my fix, I did the following:

  1. The 100 cube had a sliver of a brittle plastic-like adhesive that had separated from the circuit board. I broke it off and removed it.
  2. Since the 100 cube was a bit loose, I cut a small strip of cardboard and folded it like an accordion to build up a stack that I taped together. I used this to wedge in the gap between the top of the cube and the above wall. I then wedged additional pieces of cardboard so that the cube was sufficiently secure and had solid pressure/connection to the circuit board.
  3. I then used a product called sugru which is moldable silicone and spread little bits of it around the edge of the 100 cube and pressed to secure/glue it to the board. You can use whichever non-conductible glue of your choosing.
  4. I let the silicone cure for one day and then removed the card board shims. I probably could have just kept it in there but feel uneasy about leaving potentially flammable material in there.

Anyway, seems to be working since sound no longer cuts out randomly since the 100 cube is now secured to the board.

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It reminds neodymium magnet

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