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The slimmer version of the bulkier ThinkPad T420. The T420s is notable for its lower battery life and noisier fan compared to the original T420 laptop.

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Bootmgr image is corrupt. The system cannot boot.

After I turn on my computer, screen went blank then on top right of the screen it prompted " Bootmgr image is corrupt. The system cannot boot after few minutes.

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in most cases this is a software problem or your hdd is broken if the boot manager is not working... rescue the data and try a clean install or check the disk if there are any errors.

depending on the system you work with its also possible to rewrite the bootmanager


`I had this problem about 30 Mins ago.. Its fixed now.

You need a Linux Live CD.. This will run Linux on bootup rather than Windows

Step 1 Insert the cd in the drive.

Step 2.. Press F12 while starting up the computer.

This will open the Boot selection box.. choose Boot from CD.

Step 3 Linux will open.. it looks a lot like windows.. and is very easy to use.

Step 4 When the startup screen opens, you will see your Hard drives listed .. For C drive its SD1,

Step 5 Just click on SD1, it will open. You should be able to see the file BootMgr.. There should also be more than one copy of this file visible.

Step 6 Confirm there is at least 2 Bootmgr files.. If not.. this wont work for you. So.. now right click on the BootMgr file and in the popup menu select Rename.. Call it BootmgrOld.. now right click on another copy of the file such as BootMgr-1 and rename it to just BootMgr.. Thats it.. you are done... Reboot your computer after removing the CD

All should be ok.. and it will boot as per normal.


My original laptop screen went out and I bought a used one that they said don’t have a hard drive so I plugged my external hard drive from the old laptop and that’ s the error message I got, what can I to see if this used laptop that I brought could work? Please help I really need to use this laptop or at least get my info off of my old hard drive. I look forward to hearing from you, Thank you


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You can try running a windows repair from a disc but in most cases when the boot image is corrupted you need to reformat and load a new install of windows. If your not familiar with running a repair disk or reformatting just shout and I can guide you through the process.

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BTW you can remove the hard drive a rescue your data with another PC


My laptop when I switch on is showing only levono and is not going through, what should I do?


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I'll assume you're running Windows on your computer.

This error means the computer isn't able to find a bootable drive. It can be caused by a few different things. First off, make sure you have no CDs in the drive and no USB drives attached to your computer. Try restarting. The reason for this is that if the computer thinks the USB drive or CD is bootable and if the BIOS is set to boot first from USB or CD it might not bother checking your hard drive at all, instead just giving this error.

If that doesn't work your problem is either a hardware fault (usually that would be a failing hard drive) or a corrupt operating system. I'd suggest getting a Linux LiveCD and running an extended SMART test on the hard drive. If it passes, try re-installing Windows. If it doesn't, you'll have to replace the drive.

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It's RAM. remove RAM and put another working RAM into the slot.

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Yup bad mem Who would have figured Nice Call


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This helped me ..

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