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The Aorus X7 v2 is a gaming laptop with a 17.3-inch liquid crystal display (LCD) produced by Aorus, a subset of Gigabyte.

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I have the Aorus x3, there's a problem with the hinge

I need to get there to see what it is, how to open plastics around screen without damaging them ?

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exactly same problem --February/9/2016

Metal back-plate separating from plastic fromtplate


Aorus X3 plus V3


The same problem tried to fix it with Epoxy glue but it became loose again when it got warm.


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Hi Ifuo,

Seems like a reasonably new laptop, check your warranty period and if still valid contact the manufacturer's customer service section (or do what the warranty document in your User Guide says) regarding a warranty claim for repair /replacement.

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Giving the answer of “It’s under warranty” at this point is moot. I have found a solution that is slightly difficult but manageable if you know your way around a power drill and little nuts and bolts…

The epoxy that hold the plastic pieces in the frame of the outer shell is garbage. If you baby the laptop, sure they’ll stay intact, but anything out of that it is highly certain they loosen up and at least one side falls off. This leads to the metal screw inserts to come loose or out. which messes up the hinges ability to be securely attached to the lid. For this reason I got some M 2.5 nuts and bolts. and I secured the hinges to the aluminum lid iteslf. Is it pretty? No, but it’s a 4 year old laptop with no guides on how to repair and few spare parts (I’m buying a Dell XPS next year!). So in this case I present you…. My X3 Frankenstein Project!!! I went with bolts along the top and bottom. Realize that the pictues are huge, but those are time bolts (M2.5X6 I think). It looks kinda cool, but it is just for function so I can get a year or two more out of this laptop. Also be very aware and careful with the cables that connect the screen. I’m not sure If I had a short, but the screen wouldn’t turn on for two days and I took the entire laptop apart 5-6 times and finally once it came back online! Also just to be clear these bolts all attach to the outer housing only. not the bezel on the inside.

Block Image

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I have this same issue and this looks to be the best long term solution. Do you have any advice for separating the lid.

Does the inner plastic trim just pry off, it seems pretty well secured on my laptop in all but the right hinge.

Many thanks


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