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The LeapPad Ultra is an education based tablet developed for kids of the ages 4-9. It was released Summer 2013 with an MSRP of $99.

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Black undamaged screen (New Tablet)

My screen is black. It is not damaged, I can also hear the game/prompts, but no picture.

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Omg I JUST fixed this problem. You have to unscrew the little screws and fix (push in) that T looking thing. Just slide it back in. I know this is 4 years late sorry lol. But hopefully it'll help someone else

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Thank you so much for posting! We are on our second one due to screen issues. I just fixed the latest one and am now going to take a look at original.


Thanks I've just tried this and its working straight away.

Much appreciated.

You have made a young boy very happy.


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Mine does this too. Can you also see the graphics when you point a flashlight at it?

When I give mine a solid smack the "lights" come back on. I imagine that there is a loose connection somewhere in it.

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Mine does this too! Did you find a solution or just buy another leap pad?


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