iPhone 6 dead after replacing ear speaker.

Hey guys,

A customer came in the other day to have the ear speaker replaced. Normally this is an easy job takes 20 mins tops.

The original ear speaker worked, but was very very quiet. So i put the new ear speaker in and it did not work at all. My first thought was, Ok it's a defect ear speaker.. that happens.. So i turned the phone off, Removed the battery. And replaced the speaker.

Now the phone wont turn on at all. No charging, No itunes.. Nothing..

I've tried new screens, batteries, charging ports, power buttons and charging it overnight.. Nothing.. The phone is completely dead..

Also tried the home+power button and dfu restore

I've repaired several hundred iphone 6 now and this is the first time this has happened.

I used a plastic opening tool for removing the battery cable and screen cables.

Any help appreciated!

Thank you!

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