Volume buttons not working. How do I fix them?

The power button works fine, so Im able to power the phone on and off. But the volume button doesn't work at all, up or down. When pushing either the volume up or volume down button, you can feel it click in and back out as you push it. So it seems as if it's functioning fine, but nothing results from pushing either the volume up or volume down button. It's as if the volume button isn't connected to the phone at all, it won't even wake the screen up. So I followed the instructions from this site on how to disassemble the phone, and removed the back of the phone hoping to see a way to fix it, but I had no such luck. So before I go any further, I wanted to ask and see if someone might know what the problem is, and how to fix it. I'm pretty good at working on and repairing things...So I'm hoping that this is something I can fix myself.

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I am also having this problem. Up button works but not the down botton. Trying to find a print screen app that doesn't require pressing the down down button & lock button at same time. Suggestions?


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