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iPhone 4s disabled after removing batt. , network "Searching"


My iPhone 4s is disabled after removing the battery (during screen replacement) with the "try again in 24,, minutes" message.

I've read posts that say you simply need to insert your SIM card to update the internal clock and you should then be able to use your pin code to unlock, however I can't connect to my cellular/mobile network - it just constantly says searching, so the internal clock won't update.

It may be that I didn't fully connect the antenna cable properly when reassembling however I'm pretty sure I clipped it back into place fully. Unfortunately the external screws seem to be stripped now so I can't get back into the internals to check.

Is there any way I can get access to my phone without a full restore? I'm desperate to get my contacts and photos as unfortunately nothing on my phone is backed up to the cloud (yes I'm an idiot for not doing this).

Any help greatly appreciated! Cheers.

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Hi, did you ever solve this issue? I'm having the exact same problem as we speak.


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i've had the same issue before.

Turned out that when removing and replacing the battery, the phone's internal clock was set back to somewhere in 1974.

Two solutions that worked for me:

-manually set the date and time

- connecting to the internet by the wifi connection, so the phone would set its time and date automatically.

When the time and date were set to the correct one, the sim was detected (after reboot) and the phone worked perfectly.

Hope this helps

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This won't help as the iphone is disabled at the lock screen, so the OP cannot get into settings to change it. Try a different SIM card, or unplug the battery and plug it back in are the easiest ways around this. If all else fails, a restore is required.


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If iphone connect to wifi ,and then in it's date&time setting must be alternately swift- on /off auto time until when you can see carrier name.

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