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Model A1347 with 2.4 or 2.66 GHz Core 2 Duo Processor.

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Need a workaround for installing older Mac Operating systems

Many times I need to install an operating system other than the current one a machine is running from. I hook up a drive externally with an adapter, go to install but my machine tells me I can't do it because the operating system is newer. I can't get to the drive to select it. i.e. The MacPro is running 10.11.2 but I need to install 10.9 on an external drive to go into say a MacBook Pro 2009. Is there a workaround?

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I'm not sure if this is what your after but have you ever tried running it through a VM . With a VM you can run any OS within the OS you are presently using. I run several different OS on my laptop to be compatible with different systems at work .I work in robotics and most of the systems are in Linux and not all the same so I use a program called VM ware that creates a virtual machine that can be whatever OS I happen to need . I just switch to whatever OS is required I presently have 3 different Linux and an old version of windows running on my laptop with windows 10 as my main OS. I know Mac work with this as you can use it to load a windows OS on your mac


There are different VMs available I us VMware workstation but for Mac I think its called VMware fusion


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Follow one of the many guides online to copy OSX install media onto a USB stick. Boot from it, and you should be able to install OSX to an external drive.

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