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Where can I find new optimum battery for my asus?

Hi Guys,

I'm trying to find a new battery for my Asus S56CM because my old battery is exhausted.

This is the Code for battery: A41-K56

15V - 2950mAh, 44Wh

I see on Amazon.it but i'm not sure because it isn't original and more people in the comment says that the battery life duration is low. Could you help me?



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there are a lot of places to purchase batteries if you don't want to go back to the manufacturer . You need to read reviews and make an informed decision but this still will not guarantee you get a good one . you need to weigh whats important to you do you want to risk getting a bad battery or do you want something you can return if it turns out to be bad. you usually are good with oem.

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Best place for replacement parts of electronic devices is ebay. Found over a dozen of your batteries on there. While most of them come from china and are little bit less quality, they get the job done and is definetely better than buying original one for double or triple the price.

Three years ago i bought one from China and while maybe only 80% from the original capacity, its still working fine to this day.

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