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This Nintendo DS Lite was released in 2006 as the successor to the Nintendo DS. Getting inside this device is simple, making for easy fixes.

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Is it posible to fix by broken DS lite screen?

For three years now I have had my DS Lite and it was in good condition. Since I have other consoles, I've been leaving out my DS for months. I decided to pick it up once again to play, but then I noticed that my top screen went white and only some pixels of the screen shown. So in overall, my DS Lite has a top screen that blanks out. But when I adjust the screen at times, it went to normal, but now that doesn't work. Is it just the old age? Or can it be fixed? Help please.

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It certainly may be the case that your screen is decrepit with age. However, before you settle on that, try a couple things.

Open the battery cover and observe the small screws a at the lower corners of the compartment (not the tri-wing). The screw on the left adjusts the top screen, and the one on the right adjusts the bottom screen. Using a 00 Phillips screwdriver, you can adjust the screen brightness and tracking.

Another common culprit in top screens going blank is the connection between the top screen and the motherboard. If the connector isn't seated just right, the screen will not work properly (and in the DSi and DSi XL, the entire console will not work). To get to the connector, you have to open the back of the device (requires a tri-wing screwdriver). The connection is on the underside of the motherboard, so you will have to remove most of the connections a screws on the motherboard in order to access the connector. Use a pair of tweezers to ensure the cable is fully inserted.

It could also be that the cable connecting the screen and the motherboard is torn or faulty, and in this case I would give the same diagnosis as a weary screen.

Best of Luck, let us know how this resolves.

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Thanks for your response but I advise users who read that to not lose the "small screws at the lower corners of the compartment" to set the brightness of the screen because I lost it (it's somewhere in the device) and that's quite annoying to play with a broken-sometimes-red-sometimes-blue-sometimes-gray top screen...


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