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Repair and disassembly guides for Christmas lights.

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1000 Low dim light not bright twinklers

My husband and I have spent the entire weekend stringing lights around the house and through the yards, front and back we set up several blow up displays and some standing ornaments in the yard all with lights. My husband fancys himself as a handy man and for the most part he is.

We have at least 50 or more strings of lights on the house and garage and garden shed. There is maybe 20 or strings of lights on the trees around the yard and all the ornaments and blow ups have lights. We bought high end outdoor power bars and ran them all to a control panel an electrician friend had built for us.This in turn is wired into the main fuse panel in the garage which has heavy power as my husband puts it . He has a work shop in the garage with lots of power tools. So the question of power should not be a problem but it is.

Heres our problem when we turn on the lights they are very dim . We have tried shortening the extension cords taking off lights we've tried cutting the number of lights down but the only thing that seems to work is taking the LED lights out of the equation. when we take out the led and leave only the older strings of lights everything works fine but when we use the newer ones it all dims out. hes out there now trying to hook up only the led to see if they will work alone has anyone had this problem and can you tell us what we can do to run both the old lights and the new.


Paul's still out in the yard without any luck yet hes tried the control panel removal , didn't work, he's now checking each strand of lights to see if there's just a bad strand. will keep you posted please more ideas would be appreciated.

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Wow and again wow can you post a picture when you have it figured out


Im with Robert here post a pic


did you get your lights going?


stopped lat last night and are checking strings this morning


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Holy blinkin lights are you sure your names not Clark Griswold

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That's a lot of Christmas lights

The leds should work fine with the old lights If anything is at fault start at your control panel take it out of the equation and just run your cords into the garage and use the outlets in there if Clark has heavy power in there

Hope this helps and Merry Christmas

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Paul not Clark and we do it for the Grandkids and yes it is a little overkill. Thanks for the thought Ill suggest it to him when hes done with what hes trying now.


Have you tried the lightswitch in the garage? ;)


Another thing you may want to check is if you cut or punctured any cord in the installation. did you happen to use a staple gun to mount the cords


We did staple some cords and we have it all working now. We're not really sure what we did to fix the problem . it just working . we did take out a blowup ornament but it works by itself fine


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We had the same problem last year when we put our lights up although we didnt have anywhere near that many lights. we had 1 bad strand of led that just sorta glowed real dim and when we took then out all the other lights that were in the same run of lights worked fine Merry Christmas .

P.S. don't forget to check the lightswitch in the garage Hahahaha

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Ive heard of this were the whole line of lights is bad or has a short in it


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My Husband makes lights each year an bad bulbs make not to work so look at all to bulbs. This is very many lights

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all i ever do is change bulbs


Changing of the bulbs is a christmas tradition


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