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The third iteration of the 10.1 inch Galaxy Tab tablet.

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Battery percent dropping while charging

My tab says its charging but is dropping in percentage why?

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that's really common (at least in my life)

firsto of all download "Galaxy Charging Current"

and plug your phone in and check how much mA flows it should be 999mA or more

i'm kinda 90% sure that it will be less than that so there are few things that effect that

- Bad or $@$*!& charger

- Bad or $@$*!& cable, or it's really long and it's resistance is big

- some junk or crap in your USB port

- crap micro USB Male connector

So try diffrent USB ports becouse if you draw current from an resistor (your cable) you'll always have so called Voltage drop it could be only 0.2 or 0.3v but that's enaugh to mess things up

USB should be 5v and it kinda is so many manufactures make it 4.2v (maximum) and after it drops you have 5.0v on your phone but if it's 4.8v and it drops to 4.6v you phone won't be happy

try short lead on few other USB ports

if your current is like 999mA or more and it still drops than we dealing with compleatly diffrent story just let me know and hit helpfull if i helped

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I am charging my phone and for the first 5 seconds it stays at 1800mA or higher, then it continually drops until it reaches 100mA or less. Even if my phone says it's charging, the amount of electricity is not enough to keep up with it.

Anyone knows why?

I tried original charger, several other chargers, a lot of USB cables and it's the same.

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