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iPhone 3G won't switch on!


I've got an iPhone 3g that won't work because it was submerged in water. When I try to switch it on, it won't work. Please help me...

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i'd do a quick search on this site for water damage iphone and they've got lots of advice. needs more than rice, wouldn't recommend applying any heat (either car or hair dryer or oven or you'll make things worse)

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Let it dry. COMPLETELY. Do not try turning it on, you may have already ruined the phone. Get some rice put it in a zip lock bag and leave your phone in there for a few days. Then you could leave it inside a hot car for a few days. There is no guarantee that it'll work, but most likely you have a paper weight. You could disassemble the machine and check for corrosion on the wires, if you see it clean it completely. It might work, it might not. My guess is, it's totally gone now.

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