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A popular graphic calculator released by Texas Instruments in 1996.

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How to remove back cover?

I have a TI-83 graph calculator (not TI-83 plus), I think, by (c), it's from year 1996.

On the back cover I only see two screw (not 6 as I see here in another teardown). I have remove that 2 screw but can not remove the cover. How can I release the back cover, without broken it ? Thanks.

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At the bottom, by the data port, you can get a small screwdriver or plastic tool in the seam on both sides. Then just cautiously work your way around and toward the top; there are some snaps which will come loose.

I had the same issue with mine and got so frustrated that I just didn't care anymore if I broke it! It turns out that was the way to go.

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