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Released in August 2014, the Lenovo Y50-70 Touch is part of the Lenovo's Y series of laptops. Equipped with a dedicated graphics card and a 15.6" touch screen, the Y50-70 Touch is specialized for gaming.

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My Laptop Screen is sometimes flashing

My Laptop Screen is sometimes an instantaneous flash once every two hours.

i want to solve this problem.

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I just replace the screen cable on a y50 it was pinched by the hinge and would cause the screen to flicker randomly the odd thing was that flexing the hinge never made the flicker happen it only ever happened when the laptop was being typed on .

Hope this helps

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when I unplug the monitor connector from the hub and reconnect it again ,Flashing stops.

but i usually do this when repeated again. Any advise ?


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Do you have a white stripes when screen flash? If not - problem is in a display and display cable. If flashes with a white stripes - problem with gpu.

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Could you develop ?


White stripes flashing shows wrong GPU calculations or broken video memory. If screen flash without white stripes in this one model means that cable or LCD is wrong. Lenovo knows about this issue.


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