How do you replace the audio jack?

Some time ago my headphones got stuck on a door knob while I was moving with my lenovo y50, they were removed roughly and when I plugged them back in I was only able to hear half sound. Meaning I could hear background music from a song, but not the voice of the singer. When I use my bluetooth headphones everything works fine, but I'm still not able to fix it because I don't know how to change the headphone jack. Any help would be appreciated.

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Have you tried other wired headphones besides the ones that were yanked out? I have this half sound issue when I use headphones that have a mic in them with my 3 pin 3.5mm extension for the computer I use at work. I have to hold down the play pause button to hear everything. It could be a bad wire in the headphones that got pulled out I would try another pair to make sure the port isn't still good before trying to replace it.


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