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Repair information for the Samsung wireless charging pad. This device allows users to charge up a compatible phone without a wall charger or USB port. It is compatible with all Qi-certified devices.

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How do I teardown the Samsung Wireless Charging Pad(circular)?

How do I teardown the Samsung Wireless Charging Pad(circular)? I have looked under both pieces of rubber (top and bottom) as well as under the sticker and dont see any screws. I've also tried to separate the top and bottom by prying it open, but feel like I'm going to break it.


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Hi, I see that you posted this 2 years ago, but if you are still looking for an answer, please check out my most recent guide. It is on the teardown of the REAL standard speed Samsung Wireless Charging Pad. NOT a knockoff product. Samsung Wireless Charging Pad Teardown

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