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Battery drain after screen replacement.

Hi All,

I got a cracked screen on my iPhone 6, the first replacement that i got didn't work at all, but when i reconnected the original again, it worked again.

So I returned the screen and got a replacement. Now I installed this one, it works fine, also all other functions of the phone work, accept for the touch ID and the battery drains by the minute..... Any suggestions?


Apparently the battery drains only when the screen is in use, if i dont use the phone the battery usage seems normal...........

Bad screen assembly again?

I disconnected the screen and checked all connectors with a magnifying glass and they look ok to me, no shorts or damage. I also left the home button flex disconnected since i damaged the flex, but it still drains the battery when the screen is in use.....

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I'm wondering why your Touch ID didn't work anymore?

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I tought i was very carefull removing the LCD shield with the homre button flex, apparently I was not carefull enough..... :(First i tought i made a short by damaging the flex, but after disconnecting it (the whole flex from the mainboard) result is the same


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