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A yo-yo is a toy that consists of a length of string attached at one end to a flat spool. The spool is usually made of either wood or plastic.

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Unresponsive yo yo (or) yo yo bearing gets slipped


I brought a begginers yo yo.

Just a couple of days later, some how my yo yo got splitted into parts and fell in the sand while rotating at a high speed.

I cleaned it thoroughly with water but still found some friction in the bearing and was not spinning proporly.

so i kinda used a regular coconut oil to lubrcate it. But i just overlubricated my bearing.

From then my yo yo became unresponsive.I tried many ways, but couldn't fix the problem.

somebody plzzz help me with a perfect solution.

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Please give us a make and model number, I'm not familiar with ones with bearing.


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You can’t fix it, Buy a new yoyo

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Get a new yoyo responsive bearing, dont get a new yoyo.

Otherwise, just adapt to the situation and become one with the un-responsive people. (im one of them (: )

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