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This is a laptop designed and manufactured by Lenovo for entry level business applications. This model number is WB0201130E.

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Why is my Wi-Fi not connecting?

Suddenly my Wi-Fi has stopped working and I can't seem to figure it out. I have good internet access nearby with my phone, but my laptop isn't finding it.

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The wireless radio may have been accidentally turned off. Check to make sure that the switch on the front of the laptop is not switched off. On the left, there is a small picture of a monitor, and on the right, it shows a monitor with radio-wave like lines radiating from it.

Also make sure that you did not accidentally press Fn and F5 together at the same time, as this also disables the Wi-Fi. To find out, press Fn and F5 together and see what notification you receive. If the laptop tells you that you have disabled it, press Fn and F5 together again to undo this.

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A similar problem:

Several times a day, while I am working online, my B570 will turn off the Wi-Fi for no apparent reason. It's easy to turn it back on (Fn-F5) but it's annoying. Signal strength is not the cause and I have not been able to find any setting change to remedy this behavior.


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