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TomTom global positioning device. released in November 2010. it has a six inch touch screen and a black sleek design.

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How do I install MyDrive Connect on my computer?

How do I install MyDrive Connect on my computer?

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comment installer mydrive connect sur pc


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These simple steps should help you with your problem :

1. Follow this link to get started

2. Select your country of origin

3. click "get started" on the following page

4. Select "Download MyDrive Connect" on the next page (if you are using a mac, select the link below that!).

5. Run your downloaded program

6. Accept the licensing agreement

7. Click install to install MyDrive Connect

8. Congratulations, once you plug in your device you should be able to connect it with MyDrive Connect!

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I've tried the MydriveConnect it just keeps spinning and resetting. TomTom had a repair zip drive in the past that would correct bad software. I can't find it anywhere.


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