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First released in January of 2014, the Pebble Steel is a steel-bodied Smartwatch from Pebble Technology Corporation.

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Why won't my Pebble Steel turn on?

This morning I tried to turn on my Pebble and nothing happened. I tried connecting it to the charger and waiting a few hours, but it wouldn't power on at all and still won't. What should I do?

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My Pebble watch also got the same problem. I tried many times to charge or follow the instruction as per a few people gave it to me but nothing is working. it's very disappointing, Pebble has stop supporting and now I don't understand where to go and what to do to start my Pebble watch. Sad feeling with the pebble


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Make sure that your charger is plugged in and working properly. The problem could be that your watch needs charging and the charger is broken or not connecting right. Try cleaning the contact points on the charger and the device with rubbing alcohol.

Also, the troubleshooting page might help.

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Boa Noite

Venho por este meio pedir ajuda tenho um Pabble Stell

fiz restaurar as defenícões e não consigo preciso de

toda a vossa ajuda.


Carlos Veloso

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