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CD stuck in Apple Super Drive

Inserted a CD in my Apple Super Drive and it shows up on my desktop. I was able to copy the info off the CD to my computer but now can not get the CD to eject. The CD icon disappears from the computer screen, the drive makes some noise and then the CD reappears on the computer desktop. Help! How do I get the CD out of the Apple Super Drive?

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Turn it upside down and eject it

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what is funny is that works almost everytime


Such a simple solution but it worked! I had tried a couple of other ways to get the CD out of my external Apple Super Drive (they were answers to other questions asked on this site) and they hadn't worked. The external drive made seemed to be making an attempt to do something but didn't eject the CD. However, once I turned the external optical drive over and clicked eject, the CD popped right out. Thanks so much for the help!


Brilliant! Worked first time. There is no trackpad on my mac, so I turned it on and kept both buttons on the mouse.


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Turn the computer off and then power it back on pressing down on the trackpad while it boots.

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