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The iRobot Roomba 560, an automated vacuum cleaner, was released in 2009.

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Why is my Roomba not cleaning my carpet?

Even after using my Roomba to vacuum my carpet, there is still a lot of pet hair and dirt. What’s wrong with my Roomba?

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The Roomba’s brushes could be clogged. Check out this Troubleshooting Page to get tips on how to clean the brushes. If the brush is not clogged, the problem could be caused by a mechanical error and the brush may need repair.

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What’s your Roomba model?

Old Roomba models 600 and 700 series came up with the brushed dirt extractors, they can damage your carpets and also their suction can’t pick up the dirt hair effectively compared to the high end models like 900 series.

You have to consider so many things while going for a robot vacuum for cleaning carpets. I hope this guide will help you when you want to switch to a new roomba model.

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