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unresponsive finger print scanner.

I replaced a damaged screen and now the finger print scanner is unresponsive. I have triple check all the ribbons and none appear to be torn or damaged. I also reused the original home button because I understand you can't get a replacement and keep the finger print scanner working. Anyone else experience this problem or have any possible solutions?

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It's impossible to replace that ribbon and keep your Touch ID. At least, at the moment. Also, you should probably avoid updating. You've probably lost the Touch ID forever. But if it says things like, try again, or maybe the Touch ID is intermittent. Then maybe you can try disconnecting the cables, all that are in concern of a this area, and disconnect the battery. Then reconnect battery and then the cables. Might work

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I just had this happen to me; open the iPhone, and make sure the connector is properly connected. I disconnected battery, took off the metal cover, and un-plugged the the touch ID sensor,made sure it was clean, & undamaged, then plugged it back in, and tightened everything back in. Fired the phone up, and it worked great. Hope this helps

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Probably the charging block was replaced before, or home button, theres nothing you can do if any one of these things happend. :/

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Everything's original except for the screen. I'm guessing I tore a ribbon somewhere but I don't see it. Is it tough to replace the fingerprint ribbon?


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