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Device teardown for the Nintendo Virtual Boy, a single player 3D 32 bit gaming console released in 1995.

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Does not turn on at all. But did work the day before.

I took my virtual boy out of storage for the first time and hooked it up and it would not turn on. So I blew it out and whoa it turned on. So I played my games for about a good 30 mins to an hour and went ahead and turned off the console. The next day I wanted to play it again. This time it won't even turn on at all. The virtual boy is in great condition. Just been in a closet forever. And I made sure to dust it off. Since it's been 12 years. Anyways what do you think is wrong with it?

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Could possibly be a problem with the internal electricals for being in storage for so long and need a bit resoldering since the solder can go bad and stop passing electricity even tho it work ed the day before any thing could happen.

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