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The Nikon N80 (also known as F80) is a 35mm SLR Camera. It was released in January 2000 and is identified by model number 1776.

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Why is the zoom on my Nikon N80 not working?

My Nikon N80 camera turns on but it won't zoom when I'm trying to take a picture. What should I do?

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Hi Maegan, the Nikon N80 is a basic, barebones camera that is great for amateurs and professionals alike. Because of its basic features, the camera itself come with a zoom feature that may become jammed if carried due to everyday debris. Gently turn the zoom button and see if this will dislodge any debris. The N80 also uses accompanying lenses in order to zoom in or out so make sure that you are using an appropriate lens for what you are attempting to photograph and that the lens is in good working condition.

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