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Lançado em junho de 2009, o 1005HA é identificado por seu design de "Concha do mar" e está disponível em diversas versões com diversos sistemas operacionais e armazenamentos internos, assim como baterias de diferentes tamanhos.

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How do I factory reset Eee pc 1005HAB?

I do not know how to wipe my laptop. I want to delete every non-essential,non-factory default app, music ,games,pictures,everything.(factory reset) But I can't find the setting to do so.

Asus Eee PC 1005HAB

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If the laptop is on windows 8, 8.1, or 10, hold down the shift button while you click the restart button from the start menu and let go of the shift key after you see the scrolling wheel saying "Please wait...." Then you will have some options on a blue menu, the bottom one should say "Advanced options" which you should click on. Then click on reset and follow the on screen prompts.

If you aren't on Windows 8 or above, try downloading JV16 power tools and running their "Decrapifier" which deletes non-factory default apps and programs. After that, you can just delete your pictures/music/videos and run CCleaner's wipe free disk space option if you are worried about someone recovering your files.

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You probably want to format the hard disk partitions. You can't do it while your system is runnning from your hard disk system partition.

If you didn't change the partitioning there should be a hidden recovery partition. On my Eee PC was a small Windows 7 Starter recovery partition of about 4GB and there was an option to reinstall from it in the BIOS. This probably doesn't overwrite your user partitions fully. A quick formatting is unsafe and personal data could be restored.

The safest way is to boot a live OS from an external device via USB and format from there. You can either connect an USB CD/DVD/BD drive (SATA drive via an USB-SATA adapter) or use a prepared, bootable flash drive.

Preparing the flash drive:

The flash drive will loose all it's previous data!

Download a Linux live CD image (".iso"), like, or make one from an existing CD/DVD. Now you need a tool (search the web) that writes a bootable .iso file to a flash drive, so the flash drive becomes bootable. Just copying the image file doesn't work!

Boot the live OS via USB, locate the partitioning tool, select the proper partition(s) and format it slowly so it is overwritten completely. The filesystem should not matter, you may select NTFS if available. A 100GB partition will probably take over 15min.

If you want to install a new operating system you can use the recovery option in the BIOS or do it from a bootable disc or flash drive via USB as described earlier.

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