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Eclipse 180BL is a media player featuring a 1.8' LCD display. This device is made by Mach Speed and is the "180BL Model". To make sure you have this exact model please locate the name of the model on the back of the device. This should be located in the middle, on the back, in white bold letters. The one for this device reads : "Eclipse 180BL 8GB"

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My screen display isn't showing up. I can't see anything at all.

I haven't been able to see anything on the screen in the past couple of hours, but I did drop it.

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Try to turn it off and try again.


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Thomas Schwarz this could be related to a bad LCD or a bad backlight. Check the backlight by using a flashlight and angle the light against the LCD screen. Of course you do want to do this in a darkened room. If it is just the backlight, you should still make out some of the details on your LCD. If you cannot it is most likely the LCD. Since this is a lesser popular MP3 player you may have issues finding a replacement. Try to find one on ebay or other places with different problems than your. You could possibly harvest the LCD from that. To get an idea of how to work on your MP3 player, follow these guides

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