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Adhesive goes inside the lcd

Hi guys, i fix phones for living

Well, whenever I replace the glass on iPhone LCD, loca goes between the screen and back light and it always indicate obviously glue underneath,

So I remove the back light and put a faulty light on temporary bases, and after sticking the glass just solder them back together but it make me annoying sometime cleaning and soldering again Nd again,

Can any give me solution for that please



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Solução escolhida

The solution is called "OCA".

Do not confuse it with "LOCA"!

While LOCA is a Liquid adhesive, OCA is like a sticker.

You will need one to two machines to attach it, but its worth the money.

Just look at YouTube for "iPhone OCA" and you will get the rest.

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I know bout OCA in which you need autoclave for removing bubbles but it's not studying me as when you drop your phone with OCA adhesive on LCD , there are changes you brake the screen quickly, or when it's already changed the glass with OCA and you break the glass again, hard to remove the OCA again.

That's why I like LOCA. You can put as much shock absorbing in that as much you can't do with OCA


You can also use some "tricks" to stop running LOCA between LCD and backlight:

First trick is:

Silcer Conductive Paste, as seen on this youtube-video:


Second trick ist:

Use some "dough" (like play-doh) to seal the gap between backlight and LCD, then use LOCA and after curing under UV-Light, remove the play-doh (dough).

You could also use some sticky tape to seal the gap between LCD and Backligh to prevent LOCA running in between...


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