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A 2-in-1 laptop/tablet with full 360° folding capabilities. Released in 2015 with model number 80J80021US.

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processor speed is extremely slow

Why are my web pages slow to load?

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See the ThrottleStop fix in the other answers; it worked for me.


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There could be a few reasons for this. I have listed them for you from most probable to least. The issues that could be causing slow loading are:

1) too many tabs or browsers open at the same time,

2) web history needs deleting

3)too many software programs running at the same time,

4) antivirus software needs to be updated,

5) hard drive is full and may need replacing, or

6) configuration error or deterioration of the hard drive or RAM.

Possible solutions respective to issue:

1) save the needed tabs or browser links and delete them,

2) delete web history,

3) click the uninstall section of the control panel to see what programs are running and delete the unnecessary or outdated ones (be completely sure of whether they need to be deleted),

4) use Malware or some online antivirus scanner to see if a new or updated version of the antivirus is required and then install the most effective antivirus (make sure only one antivirus is installed),

5) back up the current hard drive and replace it with a new one after backing up, or

6) check to see if there is an issue regarding the hard drive or RAM performance and replace that which is low in performance.

Hope this helps. Here is a link to the troubleshooting page: Lenovo Yoga 3 11 Troubleshooting

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You need to do a bios update, I had the same problem with mine right after unboxing it. Go to Lenovo's website. The old bios is locking the cpu speed to 0.49ghz. +1 if it worked for you.

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Bios update made no difference for me with the same reduced speed cpu. I installed ThrottleStop8 and turned off BD PROCHOT and I now have a usable and quite fast machine.


Hi! Can you advice howtoset up throttlestop properly for this processor?

Anyway this is the best app for fixing throttle issues in this laptop!!



This worked for me! Thanks!


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THIS is the answer, the one and only answer. Let's try to get Lenovo to make a patch for it:

Bios update made no difference for me with the same reduced speed cpu. I installed ThrottleStop8 and turned off BD PROCHOT and I now have a usable and quite fast machine.

01/26/2016 by kim

The bug seems to be only in Windows 10. Windows 8.1 worked (when the computer was new) without problems. Also Ubuntu works without any problems at all.

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ThrottleStop with BD PROCHOT turned off fixed my slow for months now Yoga 3 11 running Windows 10. It would be great if Lenovo sent out a fix that did not require running ThrottleStop.


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I fixed the problem by correcting a mistaken setting under the Bootup tab of MSCONFIG, in Win10. I have a dual-core processor, and had set the Number of Processors to “2”. In fact, I have one processor and two cores. The correct setting is the have this set to “1”, then uncheck the CPU tick box, and reboot.

I stumble on that when I found that I was running on 1 core and 1 logical CPU, instead of 2 cores and 2 logical CPUs. When I fixed this (as above), it fixed my problem of the CPU being throttled to 800 MHz (instead of 2400 MHz) everytime I came out of hibernation under battery power.

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