no ringtone after battery replacement

Iphone 5 s...I changed the battery but left display attached so not to get the troubles with the phillips screws...

now battery is fine, but no ringing, no sounds...external not working...bluetooth etc all ok, but no ringtone at all.

any misalignement anwhere?

are the two screws on the battery conncetor cover case sensitive? wrong position?

because more i did not open...

best regards


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Hello haul

Check whether speaker fixed properly. you can re-fix the speaker use correct screws Hereyou can find guide to fix the speaker issue.

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Does your phone charge? Occasionally when you disconnect the battery you can accidentally disconnect the charging/dock connector flex. If this isn't connected properly your loud speaker won't work as well. Your loud speaker makes contact with two contacts on your charging/dock connector. I'd double check your charging port connection.

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thank you for your answer,

actually the phone is charging . . and I already tried the usual methods of blasting air into the speaker, connect with earphone, shut down, restart etc. . . connecting via bluetooth to external speakers is ok . .internal micros are ok, means I can answer the call normally and speak and listen normally.

what i noticed is that the speaker outer cover is magnetic . . never knew this before - the battery cover phillips screw fell on the speaker . . and cling to it .

will try the "speaker rebuilt" later on

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to keep you informed about the progress:

i changed everything from speaker to screen to open up everything with my spareparts available.

Nothing helped.

hardcore reset even brought no solution -set up phone as new dito

no sound from speaker...!!

all stuck in the no ringtone, but speaker via bluetooth, headphone jack, charging all ok...


went up to apple store - made the exchange deal - set up my 6s after hourly. battle!


osx 10.6.8 with itunes 11.4 will not accept iphone 6s with ios 9 or 9.01

you cannot downgrade to ios 8.4.1

solution here is to get a windows station, download itunes latest version.

then take a usb stick fat 32 formated and copy paste your backup from osx to the windows whatever platform ....

the fat32 could be read by windows and apple..

backup iphone with old data..set and done!

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