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Repair guides and disassembly information for laptops manufactured by ASUS.

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Asus taichi 21 back screen not working on Window 10

Mine is ASUS TAICHI 21.

When I'm using laptop mode, I can touch or scroll it by touching back screen, but I can't see anything.

When I switch mode to tablet mode and close my laptop, there's nothing to see on back screen.

I don't know where setting for back screen is and what I should do.

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Under windows 10,dual screen on Asus taichi 21 can't not function as under windows 8.1,for my taichi 21 to use as tablet ,slide a tab next to volum tab on left hand side .Both screen now is on,if i closing laptop ,the screen will be off automatic and leave tablet screen on only.Made sure your display setting in windows 10 is detected dual screen .

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You must update BIOS settings from the setup (F2).

It is a normal fault in this model which is solved in this way.

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We should update to which BIOS version ?


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This issue is not solvable with windows 10. ASUS tichi21 has huge compatibility issues with a lot of windows 10 drivers and even updating BIOS from the ASUS website will not solve this issue. your only fix is to downgrade to windows 8 this will restore functionality to your back screen. however you will have to manually disable all windows updates as any new update (even to windows 8.1) will reintroduce your issue.

there is a BIOS update for windows 8.1 but its glitchy .. you get get this from ASUS website

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Hello, I also had this problem. The only way to Switch between the displays is to download screen driver for Widows 8 or 8.1 and install it in compatibility mode. Taichi button will live again (blue button). At least it worked for me.

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