Keyboard, trackpad and on/off switch stopped functioning

I am not sure of the model I am using and cannot get into the system to find out the model number.

The machine was running but the airport module was down and I had to connect to a router with a cable. Battery was fully charged and I was also able to connect with the mag power cord.

The Mac went to sleep and when I woke it, I was having issues with the system and thought that a restart would help. I did a restart normally using the trackpad but then the keyboard and trackpad stopped working.

I was able to get a mouse to work using the USB port and was able to get online but was not able to key in any websites. There were no keys working on the keyboard. I shut the system down and when I tried to restart, even the on/off button had lost functionality.

Now I cannot restart the machine. Does anyone have any clues? Please help.

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Can you give us the last four digits of your serial number? You'll either find it on the bottom of the case or within the battery chamber on the side.


Do you have access to a USB keyboard as well which you can use to test things?


Can't access the inside of the battery compartment. Bottom of the case is worn. And at this point, i have no other keyboard. This computer looks as if it has been neglected.


We can't get you to the correct guides if we don't know what model it is. You have it listed as a 2006, see if this guide will help you get it open and give us the serial number. MacBook Core Duo Battery Replacement


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