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The MacBook family was first introduced in May 2006 and replaced the iBook as Apple's consumer laptop.

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OSX SL- corrupt file


I have a late 2006 Macbook that I have managed to keep in very good condition and running well. I have upgraded various components such as the hard drive and memory. About 6 months ago I updated to the Snow Leopard OS. Recently I noticed a drastic increase in freezing and crashing of programs and general slow processing. When I ran the "Verify Disk", it was unable to finish and said there is a corrupt file in OS X and to boot from the installation disk. When I try to do a "repair" the CD-DVD drive spits out the OS disk. I am lucky if it will even read the disk to begin with. The drive reads other disks just fine. I was sent a new OS disk to try from Apple, that too was repeatedly spit out. Any ideas? Thanks

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What Apple doesn't tell us !

I own an intel iMac 20 inch EMC 2118 and had a hard time installing Snow Leopard. Both 10.4 and 10.5 work great on my machine but 10.6 fails with unrepairable disk errors. I found that a small disk error (bad sector) that can be corrected under 10.4 and 10.5 becomes a catastrophe under 10.6 due to the new structure for gaining maximum disk space.

I thus replaced my original 250 GB with a 500 GB drive and did a clean install from scratch.

There is a definite possibility however that I could have saved my original drive by marking the sectors as defective using software like Drive Genius 3. The minimum Apple could have done would have been to provide advanced warning of a possible incompatibility issue between hard drives and the 10.6 Mac OS X.

I followed the procedure for hard drive replacement on this site and had no real issues. There is however a small note I would like to share with all of you. On step 3 of the procedure, when it is time to release the bezel latch using a card, press the bezel tightly in order to reduce the pressure on the latch before releasing it with the card. Then, pull on the bezel ind it comes right off.

I sure hope someone will benefit from my findings.

Best regards,


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If you have access to another Mac you can try repairing the disk in target modus (connect with firewire an start the MacBook with the "T" key). Sounds like a dying HDD but could be something weirder.

Please keep us updated.

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It was giving me the error that OSX has a corrupt file and "disk verify" could not finish, nor could it be repaired without the startup disk. I used an external CD ROM to startup with the OSX disk (new one Apple sent) and it fixed that problem. Then eliminated the second partition I had set up on the HD and now it works beautifully! Still not entirely sure why the CD ROM I have wouldn't read the startup disk but since it reads everything else and (for now) the problems seems fixed, I'm not concerning about it until it fails altogether.

Thanks for the suggestions and assistance! It helped greatly. The hard drive and all other components are fine....thank goodness since the HD and memory are only 1 yr old (replaced them last year).

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What error is the verification giving you? And is it saying it cannot repair the disk? First follow remacberlin's advice of starting up in target disk mode, then you can connect to another mac and use that to attempt to repair- if you can't repair (a very unfortunate situation happening to me right now), your best bet is purchasing disk warrior, which will attempt to rebuild, and save your hard disk.

Past that, if you have no backup run data recovery if you need to (I suggest Data Rescue), and buy a new hard disk. (Seeing as you have an older MB, you may be able to get a refund.

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