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The fourth iteration of the popular 7" Galaxy Tab line of Samsung tablets.

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Dim Screen, brightness adjustment maxed out

Hello all, I'm working on a Samsung Tab 4, wifi only with screen brightness issues, specifically, the screen image can not be seen unless in a dimly lighted area, when in sunlight the screen is dark - even if I shade the screen with my hands, the screen image cannot be seen. The brightness control is turned all the way up.

When the image can be seen, the brightness is consistent , no dead pixels and the image is clear(not blurry). Any ideas on what I can do to increase the brightness?

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Check and see if your power saving mode is on and is your battery almost dead like at 4%


I have the same problem. My power saving mode is off and my battery is at 80%.


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@meepfish1 has a relevant suggestion. Other than that, what is the history of the device? Has it ever had a screen replace or other work done? Its possible there is an issue with the LCD or with the board itself, in regards to the backlight circuit. This is usually the case when work has been performed, the device has been damaged in some way, been near water, ect

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Unclick auto brightness

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