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The TEAC model GSA-5300 is a stereo with an integrated amplifier.

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The mains fuse inside the amplifier and I found R145, R170 melted

The amplifier keeps blowing the mains fuse and i found R145,R170 are melted on the pcb can you help me fix this problem?

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teque516, post a couple images of your board with your question.


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Step 1: check output stage.

2:power supply components.

3: check board for any leaking cap’s.

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If these are glass fuses chances are you have a output transistor or transistors that has went bad. These devices are in place to provide sound in the speakers through a chain of other components. It will need to be looked at and diagnosed by a professional tech. This is something you may not be able to do yourself for reason of LETHAL HIGH VOLTAGES and lack of equipment and or knowledge.

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