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Can I check screen if it already restored after water?

I posted already about how to tell if screen is dry. I decided to do new question as I embedded too many in that question.

Given the fact that my iPod (after being dropped in toilet and no water sensor trigger- it is still white) has already reset itself and restored all data AFTER being in the water, is it safe to go ahead and turn on to see if screen is dried out?

I want to avoid the complexity of removing LCD (and battery) to get to logic board to do the alcohol and paintbrush treatment.

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I noticed you never got an answer to this. Are you still having this problem


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THanks for checking.

Let's see. My memory is that others told me there is no way, and it is best to take off screen and clean whole board with rubbing alcohol to clean out water residue.

I was in the UK at the time and was gung ho to try this. 2 problems.

1) No one would sell me isopropyl alcohol in the UK. I went to three Chemists (pharmacists) and two hardware stores and a grocery. I think it showed up on a list of bomb or drug making supplies. It was weird.

2) I couldn't get parts on the ground and could not wait for a shipment. I did find a place in London that would do the repair job but not sell me the part. I don't know why. I gave in. They fixed it for around 100 pounds I think, roughly half price of new one. It works fine now. They replaced the LCD.

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Please come back and accept your Answer helps clear the board of unAnswered Questions. Thx


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