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Repair guides and support for Android tablets made by Dopo, also known as Double Power.

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starts and hanging on logo. reset and restore but still de same.

Hello, I have a Chinese tablet , light and hangs on the logo. probe reset and restore but to restart remains the same.

The data of the tablet are:

Brand model DOPO

Processor: AML8726 - MXS

ID card : 1.2 V EM_M69

The touch AXP209 Chip ( DA014C8B6881 )

RTL8188ETV wifi chip ( D700VG1 )


I ask me where to find a solution guide , tutorials , specifications , drivers, firmware or whatever they can get me , thank you very much and greetings .

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You have to open it and see the processor you already know and the motherboard model. After that search for firmware in google with that two infos.

Here is instructions in this tablet without volume keys and Home key. Everyone asks how to do the recovery:

upgradeable via the SD-card:

1. Unzip the contents of the archive to the root of the SD-card;

2. Insert the card into the tablet and switch it off;

3. Press the power button + reset at the same time.

4. Release the power button and after 2 seconds the reset button.

If you did everything correctly, wait a little and you will see the display of the update process.

In the case of successful update a caption that the card will be learned. After that, remove the card and restart the tablet (after reset).

After the software update be sure to do a factory reset via the menu android.

If after the update does not work for touch screen -. In your hands is a tablet other revisions

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