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Windows XP PC shows "you may be a victim of software counterfeiting"

how can i fix this problem

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There should be other data with that statement as well as a number to call Microsoft. Write it down and make the call. If Microsoft is satisfied your copy of XP is legitimate they will give you a code to enter which will make the message go away. Sometimes their anti-piracy program makes errors. I am assuming you have a valid copy of the OS. Good luck. Ralph

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+ good answer


+ thats exactly what needs to be done. It happened to me.


As a note: this also happens to Betas+RCs


This has been a problem in the past for me with microsoft's "new" license validation on windows xp systems, calling in has worked best for me. A window should be available with a number to call for an activation code. This can also happen if a complete reload of windows xp on a machine with an OEM license especially with new parts installed (windows thinks its another machine sometimes) can get rid of this warning but you will not receive security or other updates.


What is the phone number for Microsoft?


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It's best to do the re-activation by telephone, not via internet. They can sort out problems pretty well.

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That would be the way to go, +


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