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Released June 2009 / 2.53 GHz Core 2 Duo Processor

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Upgrading internal hard drive of MBP mid 2009


Is it possible to upgrade my internal hard drive with out voiding the Apple Care warranty? Or can they notice that I have opened the MacBook pro meaning is there any shield? I would like to upgrade it and when I get problem I would put the original HD back and take it to Apple store. Please suggest.



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The general rule of thumb is that if you don't damage anything, they don't know anything happened. You can get a hard drive here and the installation guide is here.

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Agreed, but swapping the harddrive requires the removal of the battery. There's a sticker on it stating "Do not remove the battery". Also the battery is held by three "tamper-proof" 5 Star Torx screws. You may or may not get them loosened with a flat screwdriver. You'll certainly mark them, doing so. I'll bet that kills warranty/apple-care.


Thanks for reply. Do we really need to take out the battery to replace the hard drive? That sounds problem :( but looking at the instruction or other video I dont have to take out the battery just unplug and plug HD cable.


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I replace mine when I first got my MBP. In fact, the 500g drive fail to work. I can apple care and ask them why. They said that I have void the warranty at first. But I ask them, if by doing so void the warranty, why do they put the instruction in the manual?

Anyhow, after a few chat, they agree that it does not void the warranty. They send me a replacement MBP because I told them it has problem with HD more than 250GB. The new replacement I got work perfectly.

I don't know what happen to the first unit I got, but it only works with 250GB or below. it is very strange.

So, I said check your manual for instruction and go for it. It doesn't has warranty seal for memory and hard drive.

if this answer is helpful to you, I appreciate it if you can give me some score. thanks!

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Last night, i replace my 250G Fujitsu hdd with a 500G Seagate ! It works perfect!

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