charge level drops faster than normal

Hello guys..

so I took my phone to a local technician. He claimed that the battery needs to be replaced, he replaced it and I took the phone home, I exported the contacts from the phone.

I charged the phone almost fully, but in the morning the phone was OFF and I couldn't do anything with it, even though I plugged it to the charger for one hour nothing appeared on the screen!!.

I got back to the technician. He claimed that there's an IC that consumes power even though that the phone is not in use!!!?. He was able to turn it ON, and he proposed that I don't let the phone charging level drop to 0%, cuz I have to visit him back to make it work back. But the problem is that the charge level drops faster than normal.

He refused to replace the IC, and claimed that the board will never work again!!!!!?. Have you heard of such a thing guys, I don't believe that at all?

How the technician gets the phone back to work, while I can't?, does he supply it with a higher ampere level?, If so, how much?

What do you propose guys:

1. Ship it to a company where they can replace this IC? If so, where? And how much the expected cost?

2. Buy a new main board, if so, from where (it must be unlocked)? I noticed that the board cost too much - about 150USD exclude shipping and customs

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the U2 IC is damaged.

With this being damaged, your phone will drain very quickly, and when the phone dies you won't be able to charge it.

This IC is usually damaged using cheap cables, and even charging it in the car can cause it.

The U2 IC can be replaced.

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Yeah, and Can I get my contacts back from my dead iPhone 5s? can as well damage the U2 IC.


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There is an IC that controls power. It can be replaced its in the $100 range. Plenty people here and Google search would do it.

Glad you were able to save your contacts!

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While it could be the U2 IC, I would suspect a defective battery first.

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