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The Toshiba Encore Mini is a 7-inch tablet released in 2014. The device runs Windows 8.1 on an Intel processor. Identified by model WT7-C.

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Why isn't my Encore Mini charging?

My tablet will not charge when I plug the cable into the USB port on my computer.

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There are a few common reasons why the Encore Mini wouldn't be charging, but most likely it's that the computer USB port isn't powerful enough to charge the device. You can try a USB 3.0 port, or buy an AC adapter for a wall outlet--if you do this, look for one that is 5 volts and 2-3 amps (that will probably look like 5v 2A or 3A on the package). You can find these in electronics stores or on websites like Amazon.

For more help with why your Encore Mini might not be charging, check out this troubleshooting page

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