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Support for tablets by Coby, including the Kyros line.

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Where can I find a replacement battery?

My daughter's tablet, a Coby MID-7036 will not power on and not charge. I have it taken apart and see the battery connector is soldered onto the motherboard. I can de-solder it or snip and strip the wires to connect a new battery but I can't find a replacement battery anywhere. Any ideas where else I can look or is there a way to use a battery with similar dimensions and capacity?

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I was able to search the s/n on the battery case itself and found a replacement on Ebay. I sniped the wires off the old battery and soldered the ends to the new battery and used heat shrink tubing to cover everything up. Device charged up and is good to use.

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Hi Brian

I thank you for the advise.

How much was the battery and how Long did you wait to receive the battery



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