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Samsung's second-generation smartwatch, released in April 2014 and powered by a Tizen-based OS. Model Number:SM-R380.

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Samsung gear watch charger is not charging my watch.

My samsung gear watch will not take a charge, don't know wether it's the charger or the watch. I don't think it is the watch because it was working fine when it was charged. How much are the charges?

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the contacts on the watch are scraped off. can I order the re64 board


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Same charging contacts on the back of the watch were worn away. From another thread I learned about the Circuit Writer, a pen that dispenses conducting ink. A drop on each contact and my watch charged again, and the pen was only about $12. Hope this helps!

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What store did you get the Circuit Writer from?


Apologies for not responding sooner! I picked it up from Ama zon, was about $12.

I've used it twice more since I posted this, and my watch is still charging.


A follow-up: It's 8 months since I first used the Circuit Writer on my fading contacts, and have used it 5 times, and finally can't get it to charge any more -- I believe there just isn't enough of the original contact left for this hack to work.

So I ordered a brand new (old stock) Galaxy Gear 2 to replace my old faithful. $120 including shipping from Ebay, and it will be here tomorrow.

It was well worth extended the life of my watch by 8 months for $12, and still recommend you try the Circuit Writer trick! Thanks for following along.


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Where can I send my samsung galaxy gear watch for repair? It will know longer take a charge.

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the outer case of my gear 2 neo got broken. where can I find a replacement?

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