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The Sony Ericsson Xperia Play is the first Android handset to feature a controller with PlayStation controls.

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How can you replace the charge port?

My charge port has broken and I have found that the problem is the inside has snapped from overuse. I am not covered by warranty so I need to replace it manually, I purchased a replacement but I dont know how to remove the old one.

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Hi Dave,

I assume the charge port you bought was just a port itself, not a flex cable assembly right? I haven't been inside an xperia play so I'm not sure whether it attaches to the main PCB or something else, but I do replace a lot of charge ports. If you bought just the port by itself, then you have quite a task ahead of you. Removing a charge port from a board will require a heat gun and some heat-resistant tape. Installing the new one will require a soldering iron with a very small tip and a microscope or extremely good eyesight. There are many videos out there about this process, but if you have no soldering experience, I wouldn't recommend trying this job as its likely for you to burn/melt the PCB. Take it/ send it off to a professional. Hope this helps

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I live in the UK, do you have any recommendations on reliable places to get it replaced?


Unfortunately I don't. I live in the US. Here is a result I found though, they're prices seem reasonable enough: http://www.fonefunshop.co.uk/repairs/cha...


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