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Repair guides and disassembly information for laptops manufactured by ASUS.

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Asus Notebook f553m: How can tell if caps lock is on?

My caps lock key does not light up on the keyboard. How do I set it so I can tell caps lock is on - help thanks

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Could you try this solution and let me know if it works?

Click Start > Control Panel > Device Manager. Inside Device Manager scroll down the list to Keyboards. Expand the Keyboard list by double clicking it, and right click the Keyboard listed under Keyboards. Choose Uninstall and restart the pc.

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Still not getting an answer as to why nothing indicates if the Cap lock is on or not.....Please advise


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Go to control panel. Find ease of computer. You will then be able to set it. It would make 2 different beeping noises to let you know if cap lock is on or off.


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You are few of unlucky ones like me. Asus doesnt give "CAPS LOCK" ON INDICATOR

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