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GSM iPad 2 with 16, 32, or 64 GB of storage, and a Dual Core A5 Processor. Model Number A1396. Repair is complicated and requires heat and prying.

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iPad 2 GSM 64GB A1396 Boot hangs at Apple logo

Device history: Screen replaced once before, was working fine after. Screen cracked again area of front camera, then possible water spill some of which may have ended up entering through that area. (iPad 2 GSM, A1396, 64GB)

Q: Trying to determine if its worth fixing. I've removed the cracked touch/digitizer, the LCD works, the wifi antenna has some damage from the prior screen repair but was working OK despite that, battery may be on its last legs, no other internal damage visible, but cannot boot past the Apple logo and verify damage...

Symptoms: When connected to a charger, initially the empty battery icon appears, then after 15-30 minutes the Apple logo appears and seems to stay on. I saw it loop once after several hours (black screen then new Apple logo..) but not sure if that was the only time since I was not watching it over several hours... I can initiate a DFU mode by holding home and power button simultaneously but it never gets past the Apple logo and is not recognized when plugged into iTunes.

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Update: Replaced the battery and it booted, restored and seemed OK. Elation. However the battery would not charge. Tried various chargers, cables, laptop high power USB ports, etc. No charge. Since everything else seems to work fine, is there some kind of fuse that could be replaced??? Is this a lost cause? Suggestions would be appreciated.


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Make sure the charge port is functional. The absolute worst-case scenario, (although it is very unlikely) is that your logic board is broken. The best-case scenario is that you forgot to connect something. If you've tried and the charge port and cables connecting it to the logic board are OK, then I would replace your charger cord/adapter.

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HI You Just, I do have more or less the same symptoms on my same IPad. I'd like to do the repair DIY, since no one (apple store and others) are willing to take it over. Is there a smart way to make a diagnostic on which HW part is down ? E.g. battery or motherboard ?


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Appreciate the input :-) In this case I just figured out a few days ago that the problem was a defective battery replacement!!! How's that for an unlikely scenario...! I asked the supplier to send me a replacement (just a hunch) and once received and installed everything worked like a charm. Charges, holds a charge, runs like new. Finally...

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