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Support for gas-powered and electric golf carts, sometimes referred to as golf cars or club cars after the Club Car Golf Cart brand.

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1998 electric club car golf cart rear brakes locking up

My husband and I purchased a used 1998 electric club car golf cart and when you step on the brake the rear brakes grab real bad. It almost throws you through the windshield. The man we bought it from (very trustworthy friend) said he had just had the brakes replaced not long before we bought it. When this happens with the brakes, it kicks the brake pedal back up. Do we just need to adjust them or could there be something else going on. My husband and the mechanic we always use for our cars are at their wits end.

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Check for axle twist especially if the cart has a lift kit. Check to see if the U Bolts are tight they often loosen and just need retightened .

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Check for rear axle twist especially on a cart that has been lifted. The U Bolts loosen up and allow the rear axle to roll adding additional pull on the brake cables when the brakes are applied.


How does the rear axle “twist" and how do u fix it?


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If it has a lift kit try tightening the U bolts Mine were loose and fixed it

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